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Ohio Garage Fire Claims Four Classics

By Elizabeth Puckett Oct 11, 2019
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By Elizabeth Puckett Oct 11, 2019
One car was even a multiple-award winning machine!

Around 6am Wednesday morning, multiple fire departments were dispatched to a residential garage in Moorefield Township, Clark County, an area outside of metro Dayton, Ohio. While multiple efforts were made by several to stop the fire from engulfing the valuable cargo inside the garage, the flames took claim of a small, but impressive, collection of cars. Now the cars’ owner is left feeling the weight of the loss.

The homeowner, Monte Conley, offered that his wife woke him up when she heard the noises coming from the fire. Monte went outside to investigate the origin of the noises, and saw flames shooting up from under the garage - he tried to kick open the opening to the structure, but was unable to do so.

After he was unable to access the inside, he then resorted to trying to hose the fire down, but the heat was too much, and he hopelessly watched the fire destroy the garage and four classic cars inside.

“(It) burnt the top of my head... and it burnt up all my babies,” said Monte.

Firefighters said that the structure was a total loss from the fire, and Monte offered that the blaze started in the ceiling, while the investigation has yet to conclude.

“You can’t imagine, you’re helpless, can’t do anything about it,” Conley said.

Monte had been collecting cars for nearly 50 years, and family members said this is where he had housed four classic cars. Reports are that one of the vehicles hold multiple local awards. While the makes and models of the vehicles were not immediately identified, the aftermath photos show what appears to be a pre-war sedan and classic pickup. It’s said that the loss totals up to be around $200K, including the small collection and building. There’s no further word on whether or not the owner had insurance coverage on the cars to try to recoup the losses and rebuild his collection at this time.

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