Ford GT40 Smokes Dodge Charger Hellcat

By Steven Symes Nov 29, 2019
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By Steven Symes Nov 29, 2019
Score one for the Blue Oval.

Putting a car patterned after a design from the 1960s against one of the modern American muscle cars in a drag race doesn’t sound really fair. That’s exactly what this video featuring a Ford GT40 lining up with a Dodge Charger Hellcat is all about. However, the fight isn’t fair for the Hellcat, something most people wouldn’t really expect.

This video was shot during the Omega Motorsport’s NoFlyZone Midwest, which took place back in September. Instead of doing the quarter mile, the cars entered into the event race for half a mile on an airstrip. You have to register in advance for the annual event, and quite an array of impressive vehicles show up to race.

The GT40 in this video was built by Superformance in the 1990s. It’s in the Shelby Registry, proving it’s not just some halfway knock-off of the originals. Also, it’s packing a 427ci Dart Block V8, which is a serious engine. Still, the owner claims it’s only making between 400 and 500-horsepower at the rear wheels, so that’s considerably less than the modern Hellcat.

As you probably already know, the Dodge Hellcat pushes a mighty 707-horsepower. The muscle car is a drag racing monster, a master at hooking up and shutting up, then blasting across the half mile finish line before pretty much any other car.

Despite the Dodge being larger and heavier, the modern technologies combined with superior horsepower would have most people picking it for the win. Obviously they would all be wrong, because the Ford absolute smokes the Hellcat.

It’s always fun to see two automotive titans go at each other like this, especially when the result might not be what everyone expects. While Ford fans might have a feather in their cap from this victory, there are plenty of other races where the Mopar rolls away victorious, which is part of the fun.

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